The Annual Challenge

The annual challenge inspires creativity and offers winning opportunities. The challenge period runs for a year from October through September.

VFHQ 2021 Paint Chip Challenge

The goal of this challenge is to get members to work with specific colors of fabric that they would not ordinarily pick. You can still participate, contact Nancy Hannum for your paint chips.

Follow these rules to make a quilt or quilted object using the colors on the chips.

  1. The item you create should show the paint chip colors in a significant way but printed fabrics will likely have other colors as well and you can add other colors or background fabrics of your own choosing.
  2. One of the paint chip colors should feature prominently on the piece.
  3. You can use different tones (lighter or darker) than the chip.
  4. No swapping chips with other members-you must use the ones in your envelope.
  5. If making a quilt it should not be larger than 50 inches on any side.
  6. The chips must be submitted with the entry.
  7. Your creation should be made between November 2019 and September 2021.
  8. One entry per person will be accepted.
  9. Completed challenge quilts will be displayed and voted on at the September 2021 meeting.
  10. All questions regarding this challenge should be directed to Nancy Hannum.

Valley Forge Homestead Quilt Guild