Winners of the 2016 Challenge

First Place: Jackie Iglehart

Second Place: Linda Mitchell

Third Place: Sandra Dounce

The Annual Challenge

The annual challenge inspires creativity and offers winning opportunities. The challenge period runs from September 2016 to October 2017.

VFHQ Challenge 2016/2017:
Color Your Quilt World

Coloring book, printed cotton coloring fabric, or original design to color anyway you like it.
One or more blocks any size incorporated into your quilt to build your theme.

See the rules below or print the flyer.

Basic Rules

  1. Size matters: Finished size can be anywhere from 56" to 104" perimeter, any shape. Measure the outside edges of the quilt to get the perimeter (e.g. 26" X 26" = 104" around the 4 sides).
  2. Must have a yellow, orange, turquoise or lime green ZINGER, placed somewhere noticeable in the quilt. Can use more than one zinger color if desired.
  3. Must be quilted by individual submitting - by hand or machine.
  4. Must be made in the September 2016 to October 2017 timeframe.
  5. Can use any technique to color any image onto your quilt block(s).
  6. Color with, pigma micron pens, fabric pens, fabric paint, crayons, Precise V5 Markers, Sharpies, etc. Transfers acceptable.
  7. Use a coloring book design, coloring book style printed cotton fabric or create an original design. Grandkids' designs also welcome.
  8. NOTE: Videos and tutorials are available on You Tube online. Relax with coloring and be creative!!!

    Completed challenge quilts will be displayed and voted on at the October 2017 guild meeting.

    All questions should be directed to Dottie Dolgash.

Valley Forge Homestead Quilt Guild