The Annual Challenge

The annual challenge inspires creativity and offers winning opportunities. The challenge period runs for a year from October through September.

2023 Pentagon or Hexagon, Pink and Weather Challenge

The goal of this challenge is to use either a pentagon or hexagon and the color pink somewhere in the quilted item and something that indicates weather.

Definition of Weather The state of the atmosphere at a place and time as regards to heat, dryness, sunshine, wind, rain. (You can include specialized storm types.)

Follow these rules to make a quilt or quilted object,

  1. The item you create may use any quilting techniques, fabrics, and embellishments.
  2. It can be a quilt, clothing, or any quilted item.
  3. If you make a quilt, it should be no larger than 30 inches on any side.
  4. Your creation should be made between October 2022 and September 2023.
  5. One entry per person will be accepted.
  6. All completed quilts will be displayed and voted on at the September 2023 meeting.

All questions regarding this challenge should be directed to Sandy Dounce.

2022 Picture This Challenge

The goal of this challenge was to use a photo as an inspiration for a quilted item. Use a photo of your own or one from a magazine or website. Include the photo in your challenge submission.

First Place: Becky Weiland

Second Place Tie: Karen Glasthal

Second Place Tie: Linda Hamel

Third Place: Babette Sutherland

Go to the October 2022 newsletter to see pictures of the Picture This Challenge entries.

VFHQ 2021 Paint Chip Challenge

The goal of this challenge was to get members to work with specific colors of fabric that they would not ordinarily pick.

Winners of the 2021 Challenge

First Place: Mary Molettiere

Second Place: - Joann Kirchenmann

Third Place: Deb Gravesl

Go to the October 2021 newsletter to see pictures of the Paint Chip Challenge entries.

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