Guild Forms and Miscellaneous Documents

This page contains guild forms and miscellaneous documents.

Two Formats - Several forms are in both PDF format and MS Word format.
The MS Word documents can be filled out, saved to your computer, and emailed.
The PDF documents can only be printed out and filled out by hand.

Here are easy instructions for submitting forms on-line:

  1. Click the link to open the MS Word version of the form.
  2. Save the document by clicking Save in the File menu, give it a name you'll recognize, and indicate a place where you can find it among your computer files.
  3. Type your information on the form.
  4. Save the document with your information.
  5. Then attach the document to an email to whomever should receive the form.

New Membership Application Forms

Quilt Show Forms
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Financial Forms
The forms below are for members only...

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